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crooked pine

Crooked Pine Blueberry Wine 750ml

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 品種:100% 高品質藍莓

Crooked Pine 藍莓酒是一款充滿活力和誘人的選擇,展現了成熟藍莓的天然風味。它擁有美麗的深紫色,讓人聯想起它的原材料藍莓。這款葡萄酒提供了酸度和甜度的完美平衡。藍莓以其高含量的抗氧化劑而聞名,這些有益化合物也存在於藍莓酒中。抗氧化劑有助於保護身體免受氧化壓力的損害,並可能具有抗炎作用。藍莓富含維生素C,對於健康的免疫系統至關重要。藍莓酒保留了一些這些增強免疫力的特性,可能為身體的防禦機制提供額外的支持。

香氣 : 生動的水果香氣,突出了多汁的藍莓味道和微妙的子氣息。





Varietals: 100% Blueberry

Tasting Notes:

Blueberry wine is a vibrant and enticing choice, showcasing the natural flavors of ripe blueberries. It boasts a beautiful deep purple color, reminiscent of the blueberries from which it is made. The wine offers a well-balanced combination of acidity and sweetness. The acidity provides a refreshing and lively character, while a touch of sweetness helps to balance the inherent tartness of blueberries. On the nose, the wine reveals a bouquet of vivacious red fruit, with pronounced notes of juicy blueberries and subtle hints of cherries.

Food Pairing:

Blueberry wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of culinary delights. Enjoy it alongside creamy and indulgent brie cheese topped with a tangy blueberry chutney for a delightful contrast of flavors. It also complements savory dishes like a turkey pot pie, where the fruity notes of the wine can add a touch of brightness. For those feeling adventurous, blueberry wine can be used in creative cocktails such as martinis or spritzers, allowing for endless possibilities to explore.

Growing Season and Harvest:

The blueberries used in this wine are sourced and harvested from high-quality orchards. The growing season allows the blueberries to develop their full flavor potential. The harvest is carefully timed to ensure optimal ripeness and freshness. After harvesting, the blueberries undergo a cool and slow fermentation process in stainless steel tanks. This gentle fermentation helps to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of the fruit. A yeast strain suitable for cool conditions and low pH is used to facilitate the fermentation, which lasts several weeks. Following fermentation, a light lees aging period allows the wine to develop further complexity and natural viscosity. Finally, the wine is cold stabilized to maintain its quality and then sent to the bottling line.


Alcohol: 11% 

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