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crooked pine

Crooked Pine Cranberry Wine 750ml

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品種:100% 蔓越莓 (Cranberry)

Crooked Pine 蔓越莓葡萄酒具有鮮豔活潑的色澤,酸度和一絲甜味相得益彰,平衡了蔓越莓的天然酸澀感。香氣中帶有生氣勃勃的紅色水果香味,多汁的蔓越莓和微妙的櫻桃香氣。蔓越莓以其高含量的抗氧化劑而聞名,而蔓越莓葡萄酒保留了許多這些有益化合物。抗氧化劑有助於保護身體免受氧化壓力的侵害,可能對整體健康有益。蔓越莓以維護泌尿系統健康而聞名。蔓越莓中的有益化合物,如原花青素,也可能存在於蔓越莓葡萄酒中。這些化合物可能有助於防止細菌附著在尿道壁上,降低尿路感染的風險。


口感:口感平滑且圓潤。酸度為口腔帶來活力, 與一絲甜味相平衡,賦予整體口感柔和的感覺。葡萄酒具有適度的粘稠度,賦予它在舌頭上輕微的豐富感和重量感。收結清爽,乾淨,帶有蔓越莓天然酸澀感的餘韻。


Varietals: 100% Cranberry

Tasting Notes:

Bright and vibrant in colour, an acidic backbone with a touch of sweetness to balance out the natural tartness of cranberries. On the nose, vivacious red fruit, juicy cranberries and subtle cherries. 


Cranberries are known for their high antioxidant content, and cranberry wine retains many of these beneficial compounds. Antioxidants help protect the body against oxidative stress and may contribute to overall health and well-being. Cranberries are also renowned for their potential benefits in maintaining urinary tract health.

Food Pairing:

Enjoy with brie cheese topped with cranberry chutney or a turkey pot pie. Also try in unique cocktails such as martinis or spritzers…possibilities are endless.

Growing Season and Harvest:

Sourced and harvested from high quality orchards. Cool and slow fermentation in a stainless steel tank to preserve delicate flavours and aromas, using a yeast that was conducive to cool conditions and low pH. The fermentation lasted for several weeks, afterwards a light lees ageing allowed the wine to build on its already natural viscosity. Cold stabilized before being sent to bottling line.

Alcohol: 11% 

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