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Creekside Estate Under Current "Breakaway" Riesling 2020 750ml (low alcoh)

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尼亞加拉半島 VQA 白葡萄酒

VQA Ontario, Lakeview Wine Co., Niagara


香氣 : 香氣濃郁,味道濃郁,帶有核果、蜜餞柳丁和淡淡的蜂蜜味。

口感 : 味道芳香濃郁,帶有蜂蜜味, 充足的酸度使葡萄酒具有活潑、噴洒的口感。


Silver Award : National Wine Awards of Canada 2022


Aromatic and abundantly flavourful with stone fruit, candied orange and a touch of honey on the finish. Ample acidity gives the wine a lively, spritzy mouthfeel. Perfect with a Santa Fe salad and grilled Cuban ham sandwich.

Picked on Oct. 1st from our new plantings of Riesling on our estate vineyard. Fermented cool and slow in stainless steel to preserve aromatics and let the fruit shine. Fermentation was stopped just a bit early to allow some residual sugar and balance the thirst-quenching acidity perfectly. The 2019 season gave us a naturally low sugar level in the grapes. That, combined with stopping the ferment early, gave us a low alcohol wine that is sessionable with less calories.


Alc : 7.9%