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Creekside Estate Red Tractor Chardonnay 2021 750ml

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尼亞加拉半島 VQA 白葡萄酒

VQA Ontario, Lakeview Wine Co., Niagara


香氣 : 椰子、烤鳳梨和太妃糖在奶油、奢華的口感上散發出豐富的芳香

口感 : 有桃子、鳳梨、奶油糖果和橡木香料。一款帶質地的葡萄酒,具有大膽的個性。

2021年是一個艱難的年份,葡萄園和釀酒廠的辛勤工作得到了回報。這款霞多麗來自溫暖的St. David’s Bench產區,有助於這種更豐富、更飽滿的風格。在法國橡木桶中發酵和陳釀9個月。

2021 was a difficult vintage where the hard work in the vineyard and the winery paid off. It kept us on our toes – pivoting and making quick decisions to roll with the weather. This Chardonnay came from the warm St. David’s Bench which contributes to this richer, fuller bodied style. Fermented and aged in French oak for 9 months. Careful barrel selection resulted in this special blend of barrels.

Coconut, Grilled pineapple and sponge toffee give rich aromatics with peach, pineapple, butterscotch and oak spice on the creamy, luxurious palate.  A texturally driven wine with bold character.

Alc : 11.5%